c-pro 3 CLIMA sistema

c-pro 3 CLIMA sistema is a control solution for buliding climatization with temperature and humidity control.
It consists of:
- a thermal power plant module (c-pro 3 hecto MCCT, available with integrated user interface), able to manage up to 6 supply lines and the switch on/off of heating/cooling utilities such as the chiller-heat pump and the boiler
- a possible I/O expansion (c-pro 3 EXP hecto+, available in blind version)
- zone modules (c-pro 3 hecto MCZN, available in blind version), up to 8 and able to manage up to 48 zones with temperature control (or up to 24 zones with temperature and humidity control) and the switch on/off of the dehumidifiers
- a possible solar panels module (c-pro 3 hecto MCPS, available in blind version), able to manage the solar panels circuit, the DHW tank circuit (with stratification management) and an auxiliary circuit (usable for example to serve a swimming pool)
- possible remote user interfaces (Vgraph and Vroom), which can be configured both in "public" and "private" modality.
The remote user interfaces can easily be integrated both in residential and commercial environments; at their front it is possible to apply the CPVP plates or the plates belonging to the "Living" and the "Light" series by BTicino.
Some of them incorporate a temperature and humidity sensor (whose readings can be transmitted via BUS).
Installation of the modules is on DIN rail, into a control panel.

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