Remote user interfaces
Vcolor is a range of remote user interfaces for programmable controllers belonging to the c-pro 3 series.
The user interface consists of a colour touch-screen TFT graphic display, it can be realized through the UNI-PRO 3 development environment for programmable controllers and guarantees an IP40 protection rating (IP65 in case of panel mounting with gasket 0027000007), for easy cleaning.
They can work both in “browser” mode (of control devices) and in “commander” mode (getting the control devices to serve the commands coming from the interface).
The remote user interfaces can easily be integrated in both residential and commercial environments; at their front it is possible to apply the EPVP plates or the plates belonging to the “Living” and the “Light” series by BTicino.
Installation is by panel or embedded (in flush box belonging to the “506e” series by BTicino or in CPVW00 wall mounting support).
The O (OEM) version has been designed for installation on a unit, panel or back-panel mounted, and it can be supplied when a minimum quantity is ordered.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Easy integration in both residential and commercial environments.
OEM oriented
User interface with IP65 protection
Colour touch-screen TFT graphic display.

Technical Features

Remote user interfaces

VcolorVcolor O
Operating mode
320 x 240 pixel colour touch-screen TFT graphic display
Power supply
24 VAC/DC not isolated
Communication ports
MODBUS master/slave RS-48511
Other features
real time clock
alarm buzzer
(1)or getting the control devices to service the commands coming from the interface.
Available options
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