Inverter Compact

Inverter Compact

Inverter for asynchronous motors with 0,75 to 2,3 kW power
The inverters of the Compact series are used for optimum control of AC three-phase asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors (IM), as they improve performances and energy efficiency.
Available with 4 power capacities (from 0,75 to 2,3 KW), they are suitable for small- and medium-power equipment used for food processing (like kneaders and mixers), ventilation in ovens and in HVACR systems, pumping and other industrial drives (wrapping, suction, belt conveying, etc.).
The “Compacts” operate with scalar (V/f) or PID vector control and include a command for the reverse of rotation direction and various protection functions. They are equipped with an EMC mains filter which lowers medium- and high-frequency electromagnetic disturbances.
The compact dimensions, the open board format and a Slave RS-485 MODBUS port make it an ideal product for Original Equipment Manufacturers, who can have the inverter built into the machine and connect it via serial port to their own control systems. Control can be customized through parameters and can be managed also via analogue and digital input or via FM input.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

4 power capacities: 0,75 KW, 1,5 KW, 2,2 KW and 2,3 KW with high inrush current
Management via RS-485 serial port, via analogue and digital input or via FM input
Scalar control (V/f) with an open loop or PID vector control
Cooling method: cooler and forced ventilation
Built-in EMC filters compliant with Class C2 EN 61800-3-2004 standard
Command for the reverse of rotation direction
Customization with parameters
Protection against over/under-voltage and over-current/load /temperature
Safe Start function

Technical Features

Inverter for asynchronous motors with 0,75 to 2,3 kW power

Plug-in screw terminal blocks
Single-phase 230 VAC ± 10 %
750 W   
1500 W   
2200 W   
2300 W (for motors with high inrush current)   
ANALOGUE INPUTS (configurable)
0... 10 V / 0... 5 V1111
DIGITAL INPUTS (configurable)
Multi-purpose NPN (PNP upon request)3333
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (configurable)
Electro-mechanical relay 1 A @ 230 VAC1111
Output voltage 0...230 Vac, 3 ph at Vin = 230 Vac
Carrier frequency 5...16 kHz
Nominal overload max. 150% for 60 seconds
Output frequency 0...100 Hz
MODBUS RS-485 slave
Red LED1111
Green LED1111
Natural ventilation
Forced ventilation 
Available options
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