Vcolor 279

Vcolor 279

Control solution for laboratory refrigerated units
Vcolor 279 is a controller for refrigerated units and has 9 sealed relays (which can be expanded to 13) to meet the most sophisticated management needs in sectors such as laboratory refrigeration at temperatures as low as -99°C.
Regulation and reading accuracy is guaranteed by 3-point probe calibration and access to controller functions is hierarchically subject to user identification to increase the level of protection. The controller interacts with a backup module to manage emergencies, ensuring that temperature readings are always recorded in the built-in data-logger, even in the event of a power failure.
Featuring intuitive navigation with real-time trend graphs, the controller’s innovative programmable platform allows the user to personalise the graphic skin and add new machine interface languages.
Users can interact remotely with their equipment using the EPoCA® cloud platform with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity (which also enables alternative or parallel control through MODBUS TCP). For more details, compare all the connectivity options in the Technical Data table and consult the sections of our website: Products/ Management and Monitoring Systems and Products/ Connectivity Devices.
Available in a split 5 or 7-inch version with a capacitive colour TFT touch-screen graphic display, the user interface can be installed recessed from the front or flush with the panel, thus making it fit perfectly with the design of the unit.
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Advantages & Main Features

Graphic skin and languages easily personalised via USB
Backup module to manage emergencies in the event of a power failure
Interaction with the unit from the Internet through the EPoCA cloud platform
Built-in data-logger
Real-time trend graphs
Safe access using hierarchical credentials
With full-sealed relays for equipment using hydrocarbons.
5-inch or 7-inch capacitive TFT touch-screen graphic display in glass
Flush fit installation

Technical Features

Control solution for laboratory refrigerated units

5-inch capacitive TFT touch-screen graphic display in glass  
7-inch capacitive TFT touch-screen graphic display in glass  
Plug-in screw terminal blocks
115... 230 VAC
12 VAC additional power supply for the user interface  
Configurable (default cabinet probe) 
Configurable (default evaporator probe) 
Configurable (default condenser probe) 
Configurable (default product probe)  
Door switch 
Compressor thermal switch 
Low pressure switch 
High pressure switch 
PWM (compressor) 
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (full-sealed relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
Configurable (default compressor)16 A16 A 
Configurable (default cabinet light)8 A8 A 
Configurable (default condenser fans)8 A8 A 
Configurable (default evaporator fans)8 A8 A 
Configurable (default alarm)8 A8 A 
Configurable (default door lock)16 A16 A 
Configurable (default backup battery test)16 A16 A 
Configurable (default door heater)8 A8 A 
Configurable (default defrost)8 A8 A 
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (electro-mechanical relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
Configurable (default alarm)  8 A
RS-485 MODBUS RTU (built-in)
Wi-Fi EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the EVlinking Wi-Fi module powered by controller) 
Ethernet EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the controller/gateway EV3 200 Web) 
Alarm buzzer 
Battery charge  
9... 16 VDC auxiliary power supply  
Available options
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