EV3 143

EV3 143

Controller for 2 independent temperature regulations, for milk refrigeration or for ice-cream processing
EV3 143 is a versatile controller, in a compact 74x32 format with LED display and capacitive touch keys, suited to be used in several different applications simply by setting one parameter.
In the first of the 3 possible configurations, the controller can manage 2 temperature regulations independently, each with a setpoint adjustable in hot or cold mode (range -40°C to 110°C), thus proving to be fit for applications requiring foodstuff to be maintained at different temperatures (for examples buffet tables and lines).
The second configuration has been developed to manage milk refrigeration tanks, where milk preservation after milking at a temperature of 4 °C combines with the use of a stirrer that helps cooling in a fast and homogenous way all the tank content.
Lastly, the controller can also be configured for ice-cream blast freezer management, thanks to a special algorithm that makes it possible to perform a cascade cycle in 4-phases: heating, cooking, cooling and conservation.
Users can interact remotely with their equipment using the EPoCA® cloud platform with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity (which also enables alternative or parallel control through MODBUS TCP). Onsite, they can interact from a mobile device with the EVconnect® app which uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. For more details, compare all the connectivity options in the Technical Data table and consult the sections of our website: Products/ Management and Monitoring Systems and Products/ Connectivity Devices.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Flexibility of use in many applications
It can be configured for 2 independent regulations
It can be configured for milk refrigeration tanks
It can be configured for ice-cream batch freezers
Interaction with the unit from mobile devices through the EVconnect app or from the Internet through the EPoCA cloud platform
TTL MODBUS communication port
Quick programming with EV3KEY flash-drive
Format 74 x 32 mm
4 capacitive touch keys
IP65 front protection

Technical Features

Controller for 2 independent temperature regulations, for milk refrigeration or for ice-cream processing

74 x 32 mm
Single-line LED display, 4 capacitive touch keys
Fixed screw terminal blocks
230 VAC
Probe 1 (PTC/NTC)
Probe 2 (PTC/NTC)
Door switch/multi-purpose
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (electro-mechanical relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
Load 1 (configurable)16 A
Load 2 (configurable)8 A
Load 3 (configurable)5 A
RS-485 MODBUS RTU (optional through the EVlinking RS-485 module)
Bluetooth Low Energy for EVconnect app (optional through the EVlinking BLE module)
Wi-Fi EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the EVlinking Wi-Fi module with separate 12 Vac/15 Vdc power supply)
Ethernet EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the controller/gateway EV3 200 Web)
Alarm buzzer
Operates with EV3KEY
Cooling/heating function mode
Available options
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