Controllers for refrigeration with compressor protection against mains voltage fluctuations
EVR is a range of controllers with elegant design for the management of small cold rooms, refrigerated display units, ice-cream, pastry and butcher’s shop counters.
They are available in compact version; the user interface consists of a custom display of above average size (with decimal point and function icons), six touch keys and guarantees an IP55 protection rating, for easy cleaning.
The controllers have a 16 res. A in-rush @ 250 VAC or a 30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay for the direct control of high power compressors, avoiding the use of contactors.
They are also able to protect the compressor against mains voltage fluctuations, preventing it from being switched on (or causing it to switch off) if voltage is outside an allowed range, while ensuring the cooling of the cabinet (patented function).
They can be adjusted for low and high relative humidity and feature an adaptive defrost system and energy-saving strategies.
Installation is by panel (from the front), with hooking elastic fins and needs less depth.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

16 res. A in-rush @ 250 VAC or 30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay.
Adaptive defrost management system and energy-saving strategies
Larger than average custom display.
IP55 protection rating.
MODBUS TTL communication port for EVKEY programming key and for other EVCO products.

Technical Features

Controllers in compact version with compressor protection against mains voltage fluctuations

normal temperature units  
low temperature units  
Power supply
115... 230 VAC    
230 VAC  
Analog inputs
room probe (PTC/NTC)
evaporator probe (PTC/NTC)  
condenser probe (PTC/NTC)     (1) (1)
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact)
door switch/multipurpose
door switch/multipurpose 2     (1) (1)
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
compressor16 A in-rush30 A16 A in-rush30 A16 A in-rush30 A
defrost    8 A8 A
evaporator fan  5 A5 A5 A5 A
load 2 (default defrost) (2)  8 A8 A  
load 4 (default room light) (3)    8 A8 A
Communication ports
MODBUS TTL, for EVKEY programming key and for other EVCO products
for EVT100 remote indicator    
Other features
low or high relative humidity percentage operation  
condenser overheat alarm system    
adaptive defrost management  
“energy saving” function
“quick cooling” function
(1)configurable for analog input for PTC/NTC probes or for digital input
(2)configurable for defrost or room light
(3)configurable for room light, demisting heaters, auxiliary, alarm, door heaters, heaters for neutral zone operation or condenser fan.
Available options
Alarm buzzer.
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