EV3 Mix

EV3 Mix

Controllers for industrial mixers
The digital controllers in the EV3 Mix series are a modern alternative to electro-mechanical devices for managing industrial spiral mixers with 750, 1500 or 2200 W motors and 2300 W motors with high inrush current.
They are available in the split version with an open inverter board and heat sink, combined with a 74x32 user interface with a single- or double-line LED display, 4 capacitive touch keys and IP65 front protection.
The controllers manage manual (unlimited time) and automatic cycles whose duration and speed can be set for each phase. In the Basic models with a single-line display, it is possible to set 2 rotation speeds (high and low) and cycles with up to 2 phases, while in the Plus models with a double-line display, there are 10 possible speeds and 10 phases allowed for the automatic cycles. The duration setting of each phase ranges from 1 to 99 minutes.
Regulation options include the pause-work function, the “reverse” function to remove the dough from the spiral, change of speed during operation and management and display of the motor alarms.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Choice between inverters for three-phase 750, 1500 or 2200 W motors and 2300 W motors with high inrush current
Choice between Basic models (single-line display, 2 speeds, 2-phase cycles) and Plus models (2-line display, 10 speeds, 10-phase cycles)
Duration and speed configurable for automatic cycles
Pause-work management
Reverse function
Speed can be changed during operation
Display and management of motor alarms
LED display with 4 capacitive keys and IP65 front protection

Technical Features

Controllers for industrial mixers

InverterHMI BasicHMI Plus
1-line LED display     
2-line LED display     
Single-phase 230 VAC ± 10 %  
Fed by the controller    
750 W     
1500 W     
2200 W     
2300 W (for motors with high inrush current)     
Multi-purpose 1  
Multi-purpose 2  
Multi-purpose 3  
Alarm buzzer    
Available options
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