Vcolor 229/249

Vcolor 229/249

Controllers for temperature and humidity units and cold rooms
The controller, with its 5” or 7” TFT glass graphic display and 9 HC relays which can be expanded to 13, can be configured for hot, cold and neutral zone preservation of products, as well as controlling humidity. A further output can be configured to modulate the compressor or the fan speed (the latter can be alternatively managed through an EVCO inverter connected via serial port). A back-up module can also be integrated to manage emergencies in the event of a power failure.
Humidity is managed either through on-off evaporator fan cycles or an external dehumidifier or humidifier (with integrated control via RS-485 serial port when an ELSTEAM Mistral ultrasonic humidifier is used). The controller can be programmed to measure relative humidity through the combined T/RH EVHTP520 probe or a high-precision RH 4… 20 mA transducer such as EVHP523.
Access to the controller is protected by multi-level passwords and features intuitive navigation with graphs reporting trends, alarms and HACCP events which can be viewed on the display. It has 3 energy-saving levels, 72 OEM programmes for food preservation, a further memory slot for 48 programmes which can be customised by the user and 4 special cycles (pull-down, continuous cycle, sanitation and thawing). A testing cycle can be performed and the outputs can also be tested.
The controller’s innovative programmable platform gives manufacturers the freedom to personalise the graphic skin and OEM programmes and add new languages. All they have to do is compile an ODS file and upload it to the oven’s controller using a flash drive, thanks to the USB port on the user interface.
Users can interact remotely with their equipment, including starting/stopping working cycles, using the EPoCA® cloud platform with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity (which also enables alternative or parallel control through MODBUS TCP).
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Graphic skin, recipes and languages easily personalised via USB
Interaction with the unit from the Internet through the EPoCA cloud platform
Safe access using hierarchical credentials
Backup module to manage emergencies in the event of a power failure
9 HC relay outputs, further expandable to 13
Cold/hot control with a neutral zone, also with dehumidification and  humidification control (via serial port with the Mistral humidifier)
4 special cycles (pull-down, continuous cycle, sanitation and thawing)
Compressor or fan speed can be managed with a modulating output or with an EVCO inverter  (with regard to fan speed only)
3 energy-saving levels
72 OEM programmes   48 customizable user programmes

Technical Features

Controllori con display grafico TFT da 5 o 7 pollici

Vcolor 229Vcolor 249
5-inch capacitive TFT touch-screen graphic display in glass  
7-inch capacitive TFT touch-screen graphic display in glass  
Control module115... 230115... 230115... 230115... 230
User interface (powered by the control module)  
User interface (with separate power supply) 12 VAC 12 VAC
ANALOGUE INPUTS (configurable)
Cabinet probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
Evaporator probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
Condenser probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
EVCO temperature+humidity probe (EVHTP520)
Humidity transducer (4-20 mA)
DIGITAL INPUTS (configurable)
Door switch
Compressor thermal switch
Low pressure switch
High pressure switch
Configurable for evaporator fan or variable speed compressor  
For EVDFAN1 speed regulator (evaporator fan)  
DIGITAL OUTPUTS (full-sealed relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
Configurable (default compressor)16 A16 A16 A16 A
Configurable (default cabinet light)8 A8 A8 A8 A
Configurable (default condenser fans)8 A8 A8 A8 A
Configurable (default evaporator fans)8 A8 A8 A8 A
Configurable (default alarm)8 A8 A8 A8 A
Configurable (default defrost)16 A16 A16 A16 A
Configurable (default heaters)16 A16 A16 A16 A
Configurable (default door heater)8 A8 A8 A8 A
Configurable (default sterilizier/oxygenator)8 A8 A8 A8 A
RS-485 MODBUS RTU (built-in)
Wi-Fi EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the EVlinking Wi-Fi module powered by controller)
Ethernet EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (optional through the EVCO gateways EV3 Web or EVD Web)
Alarm buzzer
HACCP function
"Foods to store" function
Available options
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