c-pro 3 CLOSE

c-pro 3 CLOSE

Controllers for single and dual circuit close control
c-pro 3 CLOSE are controllers for close control management using direct expansion (single and dual circuit with 1 compressor for each circuit) or refrigerated water.
It consists of:
- a main controller (c-pro 3 kilo CLOSE, available in blind version)
- a driver for bipolar stepper electronic expansion valves for each circuit (EVDRIVE03, with built-in user interface or in blind version)
- remote user interface (Vgraph O).
This solution is capable of managing both on-off and variable capacity compressors. It is also able to control on-off and modulating fans with separated condensation.
It has a management system for the secondary source, dry cooler and free cooling.
The main controller is designed to be installed on a DIN rail in a control panel.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Proportional adjustments.
Communication with a driver for bipolar stepper electronic expansion valves (EVDRIVE03) for each circuit.
Management of on-off and variable capacity compressors.
Management of on-off and modulating fans, with separated condensation.
Close control management using direct expansion or refrigerated water.
Management of 5 fans with EC technology and RS-485 MODBUS communication.
Management of the secondary source.
Dry cooler management.
“Free cooling” management.

Technical Features

Controllers for single and dual circuit close control

c-pro 3 kilo CLOSEVgraph OEVDRIVE03
built-in LCD (128 x 64 pixel single colour LCD graphic display)  
removable spring terminal blocks   
removable screw terminal blocks 
Power supply
24 VAC/DC not isolated
Communication ports
TTL for programming 
MODBUS master RS-485   
MODBUS slave RS-485  
Other features
real time clock   
alarm buzzer   
Available options

I/O configuration

The table below shows an example of ready-to-use configuration for direct expansion, dual circuit close control, with a driver for bipolar stepper electronic expansion valves for each circuit (EVDRIVE03), on-off compressors and modulating fans.
The I/O configuration can be customised.

c-pro 3 kilo CLOSEEVDRIVE03 circ. 1EVDRIVE03 circ. 2
Analog inputs
AI1return air pressure  
AI2return air humidity  
AI3return air temperature  
AI4delivery air temperature  
AI5return water temperature  
AI6... AI9not usedX  
AI4... AI9not used   
AI1circuit 1 discharge temperature  
AI2circuit 1 condensation pressure  
AI3circuit 1 suction temperature  
AI4circuit 1 evaporation pressure  
AI1circuit 2 discharge temperature  
AI2circuit 2 condensation pressure  
AI3circuit 2 suction temperature  
AI4circuit 2 evaporation pressure  
Digital inputs
DI1damper-open limit switch  
DI2dirty filter sensor  
DI3switch off  
DI4flood sensor  
DI5... DI9can be configured  
DI1circuit 1 compressor thermal switch  
DI2circuit 1 high pressure switch  
DI3circuit 1 low pressure switch  
DI1circuit 2 compressor thermal switch  
DI2circuit 2 high pressure switch  
DI3circuit 2 low pressure switch  
Analog outputs
AO2cooling coil mixing valve  
AO3heating coil (water) mixing valve  
AO4refrigerated water mixing valve  
AO5dry cooler  
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays)
DO1fan enabling  
DO3step 1 heating coil (electric)  
DO4step 2 heating coil (electric)  
DO5... DO9can be configured  
DO1circuit 1 compressor  
DO1circuit 2 compressor  
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