c-pro 3 NODE kilo

c-pro 3 NODE kilo

Programmable controllers
c-pro 3 NODE kilo is a range of programmable controllers with a large number of communications protocols and I/Os (up to 40) suitable to a vast range of applications (mainly HVAC/R). The application software can be designed in an intuitive way thanks to the UNI-PRO 3 integrated development environment.
The Ethernet port with built-in web server provides browser access to the HTML(5) pages of the application developed and the simultaneous presence of two RS-485 makes possible the joint use of such communications protocols as MODBUS TCP, MQTT, BACnet, etc. These features facilitate communications between devices and their use in control and maintenance systems, both onsite and remote.
The data-logging function enables recording of up to 32 process variables/32 events to facilitate unit monitoring (e.g. energy consumption) and data traceability (which can be downloaded in CSV format by USB). The USB and Ethernet ports make it possible to reprogram, download and debug application software onsite or remotely, thus simplifying commissioning and subsequent diagnostics.
c-pro 3 NODE kilo is available in standard 8 DIN module format, blind or with a built-in 6-key user interface, with an LCD graphic display or a LED display with function icons.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Variety of communication ports (RS-485, CAN, USB and Ethernet) and supported communication protocols, to promote system integration.
BACnet® communications protocol.
Web Server function
Data-logging function.
Flexibility, modularity and expandability.
Considerable number of inputs and outputs.
Models in built-in or blind version.
Standard size 8 DIN modules.

Technical Features

Programmable controllers

c-pro 3 NODE kiloc-pro 3 NODE kilo+
built-in LED (4+4 digits custom display)        
built-in LCD (128 x 64 pixel single colour LCD graphic display)        
DIN modules888888888888
removable screw terminal blocks
Power supply
24 VAC/DC not isolated
Analog inputs
PTC/NTC/Pt 1000333333444444
PTC/NTC/Pt 1000/0-20 mA/4-20 mA/0-5 V ratiometric/0-10 V333333666666
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact)
optoisolated 24 VAC/DC 50/60 Hz contacts333333111111111111
optoisolated 24 VAC/DC 2 KHz contacts222222222222
Analog outputs
0-10 V      222222
PWM/0-10 V222222222222
0-20 mA/4-20 mA/0-10 V111111222222
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
3 A SPST646464959595
3 A SPDT111111222222
Digital outputs (command for solid state relay)
24 VAC/DC, 0.6 A max 2 2 2 4 4 4
Communication ports
MODBUS slave RS-485111111111111
RS-485 (MODBUS master/slave, BACnet MS/TP) (1)111111111111
CANBUS CAN111111111111
Ethernet (MODBUS TCP, Web Server, BACnet IP) (1)111111111111
Other features
real time clock
(1)The BACnet communications protocol can be used only in alternative to the Web Server function.
Available options
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