Control panels for single-phase cold rooms
EVBOX1 Wi-Fi is a range of electrical controllers for the management of single-phase cold rooms.
Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, it is possible to interact remotely with the unit through the EPoCA® cloud platform or through MODBUS TCP systems.
The user interface consists of a large custom display with decimal point and function icons, with six buttons. It guarantees IP65 frontal protection.
The controllers use two relays, rated load 30 res. A @ 250 VAC, for direct control of high-power compressors and of the evaporator fan, thus avoiding the use of contactors.
They can be adjusted for low and high relative humidity and feature an adaptive defrost system and energy-saving strategies.
The controllers are designed to be wall-mounted, with fixing screws and plugs.
Technical sheet
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Advantages & Main Features

Interaction with the unit from the Internet through the EPoCA cloud platform.
30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay.
Adaptive defrost management and energy saving strategies.
Models with thermal magnetic circuit breaker.
On/stand-by key.
Big size custom display.
IP65 protection.
MODBUS RS-485 communication port.

Technical Features

Electrical controllers with separate power supply for the loads

Power supply
115... 230 VAC
Analog inputs
room probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
evaporator probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
auxiliary probe (PTC/NTC/Pt 1000)
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact)
door switch
multipurpose 2
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
compressor30 A30 A
defrost16 A16 A
evaporator fan30 A30 A
room light16 A16 A
load 5 (default condenser fan)8 A8 A
load 6 (default alarm)8 A8 A
Communication ports
RS-485 MODBUS RTU (built-in)
Wi-Fi EPoCA/MODBUS TCP (built-in)
Other features
unipolar thermal magnetic circuit breaker + neutral (230 VAC, In 16 A, Icn 4.500 A) 
real time clock
alarm buzzer
low or high relative humidity percentage operation
condenser overheat alarm system
adaptive defrost management
"multideck" function
“HACCP” function
“energy saving” function
“quick cooling” function
direct load connection
Available options
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