Cloud Platform

EPoCA® is a remote control and monitoring system based on a cloud platform. Originally developed to meet the management needs of the food preservation and cooking sector, it has been expanded to HVAC units in response to market demand.

Optimised for all devices

To connect to the cloud system and remotely control machinery from a PC, tablet or smartphone, all users need is an EVCO controller with native EPoCA® technology and connectivity which is either built-in or provided by external hardware modules. The devices can be easely configured using the dedicated EPoCA Start mobile app.

Ready-to-use system

The responsive design and graphic interface developed to offer a pleasant user experience make EPoCA® a “ready-to-use” solution. All the control and monitoring functions, commonly found on professional platforms, are highly intuitive, even for entry-level users.

Remote control

With the appropriate protection measures for access and data, the EPoCA® system allows one or more enabled users to operate remotely on the unit to configure its parameters, activate cycles, receive automatic alerts, view data (even in graph form) and download records in the most popular formats, such as XLSX, CSV and PDF.

Monitoring and alerts

Events in progress can be monitored 24/7 from the cloud platform and alerts can be set which are automatically sent by email to selected recipients.

Installation and service

Being able to interact remotely to configure the machine’s parameters (with partial or total access according to the credentials assigned) means telemaintenance and installation can be performed promptly without physically having to be on-site.

Diagnostics and statistics

As well as being displayed in graph and table form, data can be exported and aggregated for statistical and telediagnostic purposes. This feature is especially useful when planning improvements and developing future projects.


Being able to set, start up and stop programmes remotely is a great advantage for operators of machinery with working cycles. Not only does it save time, it also improves the quality of the product and reduces waste.

Easy configuration with the app

Depending on the EVCO hardware used, devices are configured from a browser or PC using the dedicated software. Alternatively, the EPoCA Start mobile app, which is available in the Google Play Store for all devices, makes configuration even easier.

Additional information

External modules to connect to the EPoCA system

Compatible EVCO controllers

EPoCA Manual

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